Friday, November 25, 2011

...Let Not Man Separate

So here's the long-awaited picture run-down of the events of November 19th, 2011 which resulted in my oldest brother David becoming a married man and me gaining a sister!

The handsome groom waiting on the stairs for his bride.

My beautiful, amazing now sister-in-love (as my Grandma likes to say), Abbie getting ready for the First Look. Her sister Marnie was helping. 

This series of pictures is so precious. I was trying not to cry as I watched my brother watch his bride in all her loveliness coming down the stairs to him. 

It was the first time he'd seen the dress. 

Before the rehearsal the day before, I overheard him telling her, "I'm so excited to pretend marry you tonight..."

"...And marry you for real the next day."

We went to the church to take couple pictures - David couldn't get enough of his beautiful bride.

"Just a couple hours before it's official!"

Abbie's talented brother Chase took pictures too, so I didn't stress too much about pictures. I took a lot of pictures and sorted out a couple that turned out well. 

Love this one - the lighting, how close and tender it is. 

"Please marry me!?" Oh the drama! Will she or won't she? This picture gives you a taste of how they love to tease.

I really like both of their rings. Both are simple and beautiful. And durable, which is good because they're going to be wearing them for a long time. :) 

It's the beginning of forever, people. It's just the start. I look forward to seeing them even more in love than they are right now! It's hard to imagine. :)

Bridesmaids! From the left, Shauna, Dodie (Abbie's oldest sister), Bride Abbie, Marnie (Abbie's second oldest sister) and JAK! Don't you love Jak's make-up? She's gorgeous. 

I'm not sure if I've told this story before, but Jak is actually the matchmaker for David and Abbie. When she went to Summit Ministries in 2009, she met Abbie. Later, they saw each other again and Jak told her she should meet David. David and Abbie started talking on Facebook and eventually the texting grew nonstop and it was all settled out. So yeah, Jak definitely belonged in the bridal party. :)

Fear the Brotherhood! From the left: Micah, Ryan, David, Joseph (best man, obvs) and Zack. All these guys are terrific and make me smile. I'm glad my brother has such amazing friends and that they could all make it to the wedding.

The whole bridal party! Sorry about the lighting on this one. It's not the best, but hey, they all look happy! :) 

Abbie's family. From left: Marnie, Dodie, Cade, Abbie, David, Chase, Mrs., Cramer and Mr.

Our family! From left: Ruthiey, Esther, Andrew, Daddio, Babs, Mum, David, Abbie, Stephen, Jak and Joseph. Now we have a family picture for the Christmas letter! ...if we get around to sending it. :D

The long-awaited ceremony gets underway!

Pastor Sam praying for the couple. 

Kissing the bride! :)

"We did it! I can't believe we're married!"


"Quick, eat cake!" *lacking cute quotes*

Run away, run away fast! After a short and sweet reception, the bride and groom slipped away. Both families were exhausted but thrilled. Yay!

Hi and I love you, family in Canada! Sorry, you weren't here, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



  1. woot they make a beautiful couple..and sounds like they will have a lot of fun just being together and that is awesome...great pictures!

  2. Oh my goooooosh, it looks like such a freaking ADORABLE wedding. I'm just dying here, man. Dying.

    Thank you for posting the pictures! I loved them. =) And I must say you looked quite incredibly fabulous your own self.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ruthie!! I almost felt like I was there. I will look at this many more times :-)
    Auntie C.

  4. your quote was better than my post was... so i went back and took out some "and"s... thanks!

    this is gorgeous. what a perfect tribute! made me tear up a little, actually! i don't know david and abbie, but i know that look of excitement and purity. there's nothing like it.

  5. These pictures are too cute. Your whole family looks gorgeous and loving and FUN. Prayers for the happy couple! <3<3<3

  6. I LOVE the "we did it!" picture. :D