Monday, October 3, 2011

Link Love

Emily writes tenderly about depression... and the ocean.

Amber's beautiful poem choice is full of wisdom.

Adam tells the Sharks To Keep Moving. No more elevator terrors.

Sarah loves her big sink when she's washing this adorable little dish.

Stephen defines the line for booze and dancing.

A absolutely lovely Princess Post!

Have a beautiful Monday, everyone!


Listening to Bebo Norman - Break Me Through (One of the most relaxing and true songs I know - I have listened to it hundreds of times.)

thankful with Ann

616 3G networks
617 a baby falling asleep in my arms
618 a heart-to-heart with an older sister in Christ, her words of wisdom
619 my brother playing "Your Song" on the keyboard
620 my bosses coming over for Sunday lunch
621 having two legs so I can drive a stick shift (as Andrew pointed out)
622 the sound of rain on leaves
623 Stephen pretending to be an airhead


  1. great...more to read...smiles.

    happy monday!

  2. i've missed you friend! thanks for your prayers, and for these lovely links. bless you. xo