Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unsubstancial But Pretty

For a little while, just pretend there's not a blog here. Right now I will post pretty pictures of things and send you to go read this. Adam updates infrequently, but it's always worth it.

I think I love the idea of these shoes more than the shoes themselves. Seriously, a little gray bouquet of roses on the front of my feet? Sign me up!

I love this jacket. I think I would feel so safe in this jacket. It kinda reminds me of this jacket that Damian is wearing in this video. No, I'm not obsessive. Not at all. 

Messy buns with braids and pink roses, yes please. 

such elegant gloves.

and since owls are amazing, I will leave you with this dear little one. 

Any prayers you have to spare would be appreciated. Be well, friends.


Listening to O.C. Supertones - Where I Find You


  1. owls are amazing...and deaf like the shoes with the jeans...and flowers in tossled hair...

  2. Awww, cuteness. =)

    Wowza, I've got a lot of catching up to do on your and Vicki's blogs. XD

  3. Flowers in pink shoes and hair ... Awesome! You help me take inspiration girl!

  4. I am so praying. <3 And And And, you should do your hair with messy buns and roses.

  5. Soft pink rose, braided hair, messy bun. Flawless. WHY OH WHY did I ever cut my hair?!?!?

    And why am I so tall that I just cannot bare the idea of heels? :( Thankful for my height though. (most of the time) I probably save a lot of money buying flats.