Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm writing this at 3:40am. Normally, I like to be asleep right now. As a wee lassie, I was terrified of the dark and due to snippets of some *ahem* horror movies and my naturally skittish imagination, I've never liked being up at night. However lately, I've had some experience with insomnia. One of the cool things I can think about that, is 'Sweet, now I'm like Adam Young!". There's a lyric in Fireflies:

leave my door open just a crack
please take me away from here,
'cause I feel like such an insomniac
Apparently, he wrote most of Ocean Eyes because he couldn't sleep. A bit of a loss for him, but major win for the rest of the world. :)

Back to insomnia... I've learned that being awake at night isn't the worst thing. God is constant no matter how much light is outside. Also, there are worse things than too little sleep. I usually get up and write or read or just quietly talk to God. Now I actually enjoy it in some odd way. I don't get panicky over my loss of sleep. That took awhile to learn, but I believe it's a little picture of how God likes to create beauty and praise in a place that was previously scary and self-centered.

I got this from Jeremiah 33*.

Call to me and I will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known... I have hidden my face from this city because of all their evil [but] behold, I will bring it to health and healing and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security. I will cleanse them from all the guilt of their sin against me. And this city shall be to me a name of joy, a praise and a glory. They shall fear and tremble because of all the good and all the prosperity I provide for it.

Essentially, God delights to create joy and praise in a place that was previously sorrowful and self-centered. Although I've experienced this in a very small way with my insomnia, I have seen it in other ways in my life and I have faith that God will continue to affect every part of my life.

I can't wait! Imagine every sad or scared part of your life being transformed by God. He can do it.


Listening to Owl City - To The Sky


  1. yes He can...and i hope you got back to sleep...i kinda like the is quiet....

  2. Insomnia is nice sometimes (especially when you get inspiration), but it can get annoying. XP

    I hope you're not too tired today.