Friday, July 1, 2011


this day is full of water
sweat from the heat outside
dripping down my forehead,
appearing from nowhere,
coursing down my arms
but also tears from words I read,
gospel words, black and blue words,
soul-struggle words
I cry for the hardness of my heart,
cry for all the words I haven't said but should've,
for meaningless phrases I've perfected all the while

oh I need to beg
beg God
beg for healing, beg for brokenness
beg for change
I'm a begger, lower than the sand, wet with repentence
washed over with the waves of love
carried to a reef of strength

oh tears, oh waters come over me
Spirit of truth, rain down
infuse broken words with radiant spears
to conquer and complete

look down and see your wounds
see woundings you've taken
and those you've given
all while spitting at a Holy God
you are broken like a shell
smashed with sin, sucked dry by self
nothing, no search, no self-made triumph
can piece you together and hold you up
yet you strive

if you don't know God,
come see his anger
see his hot and holy wrath
like the sun
beating down on all the wrongs
you are wrong
he is sinless
he is rightly angry

if you don't know Jesus,
come to him, come crawling,
come sweat-drenched and sad,
his perfection is glad to see
a heart in true surrender
in your terror,
see the way he has made
his humanity was perfect, his death perfecting
a pathway now
that leads to God
his death took all your wrong
bore it on his burning shoulders
all death died
for he's alive
he's defied, decried sin's ruling
and in him
you can be whole once more

if you don't know Jesus
come to him
he's worth the giving-up
the letting-go
the terrifying plunge
will sink you in deeper waters
ones that lap with peace
peace with God
through Jesus Christ

this day is full of water
come, dip yourself down into it
today's the day



  1. wow. strong write...lots of energy and holy passion in this...

    lower than the sand, wet with repentence
    washed over with the waves of love
    carried to a reef of strength

    fav lines....

  2. poignant, seedy, and gritty with a graceful way of moving through the imagery; worth re-reading over and over. I needed this. Like taking that first breath of air after drinking tons of water when your thirsty.