Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where Have They Gone?

Early this morning, my family partook of watermelon,

left me a message,

and finished packing for vacation.

Me and my dearest Babs. The vacation is our semi-annual trip to Canada to visit Mum's side of the family. Because of work and school, I am staying home this year. First time. It makes me sad. They'll have fun, though and I'm not sure our van could hold many more suitcases. This trip in the new seven passenger Honda Odyssey is sure a step down from our fifteen-passenger Ford.

Do you think they brought enough pillows, though?

Piling in, they waved goodbye,

and left me all alone. As the legend goes, I miss my family more than a frog relocated to Antarctica misses flies.

Oh well, they'll be back. Soon and sooner.



  1. ahh well if you get lonely you can stop over and hang out with the Widners :)
    <3 you

  2. smiles. hope youenjoy the bit of solitude...and nowild parties while the fam is away...haha.

  3. Awwww. That's sad. Awesome for them, but sad for you. And, not to be blatantly contradictative (that's a word! =P okay, it's not...), but now is TOTALLY the time for wild, music-blasting parties. =) I hope you don't get (too? ^_^) lonely.

  4. Ruthiey - your storytelling and writing remain awesome. Your heart in the right place. A frog missing flies – brilliant! And yes I think they may just barely have enough pillows – enjoy your time alone – write some more good stuff. I can't encourage you enough to take this gift that you have and keep working on it – you will only get better and better – and you're already a writer. God bless you Ruthiey.