Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surviving The Torture Room

Sometimes school feels like drawn-out torture. But then I realize, it's a test of character. Am I going to face-up to it and take on the challenge? Or am I going to let it reduce me to a sodden pile of emotions? Something to think about.

(Yes, it is melodramatic of me to call school a Torture Room. I truly am thankful for the opportunity to get an education.)

I'm linking to some great stuff I've read lately:

Fifteen - Vicki
Surrender - Chels

I want to learn to rise to a challenge. When I struggle on, I show the Strength that is not from within me.


Listening to OneRepublic - Mercy


  1. true that...struggle will be worth it...

    i had this crim class...all essay final...gave us 25 essays to write the week before and he would pick 3 for us to write on the spot with references...

    almost broke me.

  2. Yes, very worth it! Push through the tests. The freedom and sense of accomplishment is wonderful!

  3. y'know, i could say the exact same thing about disciplining. we just keep on learning, eh, soul-sista?

  4. (and i love that last sentence... what it's all about.)

  5. You can do it! HOld Fast! (Thanks for the email, btw. XD)