Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Sign I Watch The Office Too Much

You know I've been watching The Office a lot when my sunday outfit turns out corporate executive inspired. Totally not trying.

In church today, I was overanalyzing the worship songs. For the record, I think worship should involve mental interaction, but anyway. We were singing Revelation Song and the one line 'sing a new song to him' seems relatively innocuous, but I started thinking.

What can I possibly say to God that other wiser, more godly saints before me and even all of creation hasn't said already?

It seems rhetorical, but that's the amazing thing about my God. He cares about my heart and wants my worship. It reminds me of the Bebo Norman's song Hear It From Me. Another way for my song to be new is for me to be newly committed to obeying and loving my Savior. Man, I love God.

In family news, Mum and Daddio are away visiting Daviey's girlfriend's family. They'll be back tomorrow, but I really don't think I miss what I have until it's gone. I love you guys!


Listening to Dizmas - Jealousy Hurts


  1. Ooooh, coupley coupley! Ahem. ^_^

    Yeah, I admit that I usually don't think about worship songs or hymns. Sometimes I do, and I just generally tend to like hymns more because they're just so much more eloquent. Eloquence really is beautiful. (I have rediscovered my love for eloquence since becoming obsessed with Shakespeare. Vicki and Erin's fault. Anyways.)

  2. Oh! And I love the outfit. 0=) Buttoned shirts are so awesome... I just got a couple (well, three, except one I want to exchange since it's fray-y because it wasn't made properly) and they're fabulous. ^_^

  3. Love you too, dear daughter! Thanks for loaning your cell phone--we were nicely in touch.