Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food and Drink Quotes

"I only drink diet soda - I'm hoping the preservatives will bring stability to my life." ~Bones

"I want baguettes because you can eat them while you read and munch munch forever." - Vicki

Everyone, stayed tuned for an exclusive interview with the one, the only Miss Vicki! It'll be intense, educational and will discuss her dual-job holding as well as scholastic ventures. Also, it might possibly be shocking.... until Friday, then farewell.



  1. Ooooooooh! I can't wait! =D =D Two of my favorite people in the same blog post!

    Also, you must make sure to ask LOTS of scandalous questions. News is no good without scandal. XD

    [methe] (hahaha)

  2. hey! wow! you're in neerlandia? so cool... i was a bit confused because it says your name is ruthie here, but jessica on my blog :) do you go to the crc church? can i ask a bit about you--your family etc.? my husband grew up here (trenton wierenga) but i just moved here with him. would be lovely to meet up sometime! write me when you have the chance: