Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Am I? An After-Christmas Special

On the first day of Christmas, her true love said to me,
"Why can't I move my arms?"
I replied, "You've been mostly dead all day."

Contrary to popular belief, the twelve days of Christmas start after Christmas. So, I might be doing something ridiculous and nonsensical for the next eleven days.

Whoever can guess this movie character correctly gets to... um... I was going to say guest post, but maybe I'll do a feature post on them, about their good qualities and fabulous guessing skills.

Just a hint. If you google it, I will be sad, but your guess will still count. Technically, then, it can't be called a guess, but still.

And yes. I do love you. Thank you for asking. I will bless you all by steering away from my two previous trends in blogging, namely lifestyle blogger (where you get to hear every little thing about my day) and devotional blogger (past three or so posts). Not that either of those are bad, but I'm just not sure where my blog is going. So, fanciful blogger full steam-ahead.


Listening to OneRepublic - Good Life


  1. Princess Bride, Princess Bride! Buttercup and Westley or Wesley or whatever his name is. And I didn't Google it! ^_^

    I'm excited! Woo, twelve days of Christmas!

  2. Looks like I'm woefully late to take a guess, but I'll take one anyway. It looks like you're wondering who says the second line in your quote since you use first-person: "I replied". Pretty sure the big giant dude in Princess Bride said that to Wesley. I forget his name. Wasn't it Fezzik or something? ...Do I win?