Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just Wait For It

I was thinking about Mary as I walked out of work today. There's snow on the roads here and drifts about four feet high. It wasn't cold, per say, but it wasn't exactly the easiest thing to walk two blocks in the slush. I was thinking about Mary because it's Christmas and that means a long time ago, she was thinking about having her baby sometime soon. She was also traveling, on a donkey, while hugely pregnant. It was probably cold and they didn't have rest stops along the way. It was not fun. It wasn't a sweet little vacation honeymoon for Mary and Joseph even though they were relative newlyweds. It must have seemed so unfair and disappointing at times.

But she persevered. She treasured up everything that was happening to her in her heart and she carried on. She believed in a sovereign God. And the most astoundingly beautiful thing that has ever happened to mankind came from it all. She birthed God's gift to the world, the embodiment of Love, our baby Redeemer. Is there anything more amazing? In the moment, she didn't understand. In the end, she saw her part in God's great work.

We might be in a hard place. Sometimes, it's actually circumstances, like family sickness, financial issues, rejection or whatever else we can't control. Sometimes, it's mostly in our heads, like depression, discouragement and anger that's stopping us from accomplishing what we think is right or what we deserve. I have a thought for you.

God might be working through you to do something marvelous.

Even in your hardest moments, when you can't see an end of your problem, believe that God sees an end. In fact, he's made the end and if you persevere, it's going to be beautiful.

Oh and Merry Christmas. ^_^


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  1. Yeah,that is so true. I usually forget about it, but get reminded every time He begins to work out something amazing and I see part of the big picture. ^_^

    Merry Christmas! *squish*