Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man Alive, The Almost and Almost...

Man alive, I already missed a day! Remembering to post yesterday just slipped away from me. I've been learning though, about living without condemnation. FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST, there is now NO CONDEMNATION. Sometimes self-condemnation is acceptable, weirdly enough. I got school and junk done yesterday so I'm glad for that. Praise God.
Furthermore, yesterday night was excellent. I got dressed up to go to a show and it was fun and I saw God there, too. That was the best part. I went with my brothers David and Stephen, my other half Jak, my friend Emily to a Seabird and The Almost show. There were other bands but some were so awful and some so meh that I won't mention those.

Seabird is amazing. I took their first cd Til We See The Shore to Canada with me and listened to it the whole time pretty much so it's pretty much embedded in my soul so hearing them live was faaaaabulous. ^_^ That's the best isn't it? Going to a show where you know all the words? Plus, they all had FABULOUS SHOES. Seriously, I was having major shoe envy over the bassist's awesome black boots. ^_^
Then The Almost played. I like Aaron Gillespie a lot. He's pretty fabulous. He also came down off the stage and danced around with the crowd, RIGHT NEXT TO ME. That was cool. He also led in some awesome worship which encouraged me a lot.

I want my life to SHOUT that God is glorious, that he's enough, that he is EVERYTHING. I want my life to say that. I want so much to be completely surrendered to this glorious God, who is my Master, my Savior, My Healer.

Jesus, Jesus
There's something about your name
Master, Savior


Talking to PJ Medin - Breakthrough

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  1. How come you're not in the picture?! *pout*

    Sounds awesome. =)