Friday, July 31, 2009

A Post About...

You know how when bread gets toasted to a golden-brown and then is left for half a day, so the underside is softish and the rest is crisp? You know how when you spread butter on that cold toast it gets stuck in the little crispy crevices? You know how when you bite into it, crumbs spill all over your shirt?

That's how I like my toast.

I hope Bialy and Rosanne are having fun at their camp (because I miss chatting with them). I hope Jak will do well on her test. I hope I can design my own Converse soon.
I hope all of you have plenty of tea, skads of toast and heaven in your future lives.

R <3


  1. I think Jak failed the test. :(
    tea and toast will fix everything!

  2. I like to eat my toast with old grated parmesan cheese on the top. That way, if you breathe too hard the cheese flies everywhere. (: And it really grosses my siblings out. (:

  3. haha i love you ruth :)

    except, i like my toast crisp on both sides. Patches of dark brown...not burnt, but mostly golden brown.

    Tea..meh. I'll go for cocoa any day tho! :D