Thursday, May 14, 2009

Indulge Me

I'm a writer. While editing my latest story, I decided to find pictures and people who look similiar to my characters. These two might possibly be the oddest combination of celebrity types, but you must keep in mind that it's the look that I'm trying to capture, not necessary the history of either celebrity.

First is Amanda B, my main character.

For those of you who have read it, this is what her hair looked like towards the end.

And he is the closest I could come to someone resembling Sierra Joe Crayola.

This is a lot of what he looks like. The hair is almost perfect, although I'll debate the eyebrows and Sierra definitely doesn't do the whole I'm-too-sexy-for-my-shirt thing. =/

So yeah, story's in editing and perhaps when I'm finished, it will be ready for public reading. Email me. I'll see what I can do. ^_^


  1. Well, I can only see the first and last pictures on this computer. =( I'll have to look at the rest on a full-internets compy sometime. I don't think I have quite the same picture of Amanda. I think I pictured her with blonde hair. And Sierra... I'm not sure how exactly he looks in my mind. It's interesting comparing my version and your version. =)

  2. Hey, I do this too!
    Hmmm... not quite the face I thought Amanda had... it works though. I like Sierra. That's actually quite what I thought he'd look like. Especially the first picture.

  3. i think that's a good thing that sierra doesn't do the whole 'i'm too good for my shirt thing'. amanda wouldn't like that very much.

  4. Waho. Those people are wayyy too put-together-looking for the people I imagined!