Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's 6:47pm on a Sunday night and I feel a bit at a loss of what to say. Honestly. 
  • I like this
  • I'm taking this
  • I want to eat this
  • I made these
  • This reminded me of my brothers and made me smile so big.
You're welcome for this tidbit. Sometimes I have trouble organizing the head in my words. You know how it is. Oh and just for fun, here are my toppest posts.

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How's your night? Or morning? What are you reading/watching/doing/listening to? Talk to me.



  1. not youngest was sick this weekend so it was a lazy day...letting him rest...rented a wii mario olympics game so we played a bit, he slept...played with my older son...let me wife get out of the house on her own for a couple hours to chill...

  2. I am reading blogs tonight, its one of my favorite hobbies.

    I am drinking Ariziona Green Tea. Favorite.

    I am listening to Charlie Winston, She Went Quielty.. Its beautiful, I will blog about the song this week most likely.

    I watch Once Upon A Time, Greys, Glee & Modern Family. Staples.

    Counting down the days until The Help is on DVD.

    Hows that for commenting? Holy holy;)

    So beautiful in the top pic you are.