Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shadows Softly Come And Go

This is a song... that in the midst of finishing up a 1050 words paper... brought me to a place of peace and happiness. It soothed the knotty-stomach feeling and eased my fear of failing. I will not be a student much longer and I want to enjoy this time.

Just a song a twilight, when the lights are low,
And the flick'ring shadows softly come and go,
Tho' the heart be weary, sad the day and long,
Still to us at twilight comes Love's old song,
comes Love's old sweet song.
Yes, you've notice I'm a wee bit obsessed with Damian McGinty, but hope you enjoy this song.
What is a peaceful song for you?


thankful for -
558 a day devoid of school
559 plenty of paper
560 my ugly yet functional backpack
561 five people in our family commuting to work by bike
562 powder foundation
563 our neighborhood suffused in a rosy sunrise morning glow
564 bathrooms that smell like cinnamon
565 a cluster of pink roses
566 a military man opening a car door for his girlfriend
567 my amazing test proctor Dr. Nelson
568 "the way the stars shine for You"


  1. when i really want to get peaceful i throw in the soundtrack to Once or the Better Days album by the Robbie Seay Band...or maybe some John Mayer...

    enjoy that time, for sure...

  2. My peaceful song is probably Times by Tenth Avenue North.