Friday, August 26, 2011

Belting Engagment

Taking a break from schoolz, I will now fulfill my promise of a fashion post. This accessory is something I'd been wanting to experiment with for awhile but hadn't found one that worked... until now. May I present... the wide black belt.

I found this belt at Savers for $4.99 and it is just as versatile as I hoped and even more! I have already worn it many times and with so many different outfits. (Unless otherwise noted, all these items are thrifted.)

This belt lends terrific definition to longer shirts and tunics.
Tunic: $3.99
Belt: $4.99
Jeans (Vigoss): $3.00 (I got these jeans four days ago and have worn them everyday so far. :D)
Boots: $1.00
Yes, I'm a major cheeseball. And since Blogger is underlining everything I'm saying, it must be very important.
Pay attention now, y'all. You'll soon learn I'm a bit cloddish at formatting. :)

Ah, there's a more pensive me. And I must not be saying very important things anymore. Anywhoo, I layered the belt over a feather-weight turtleneck and a blazer.
This would be a great look for fall.
Turtleneck: $2.99

Blazer (Calvin Klein): $8.99
Belt: $4.99
Jeans (Vigoss): $3.00
Boots: $7.99

You're getting the full range of emotions tonight. Now, I'm cheerful but reserved. In a more formal look, I put it over a dress and added a pink cardigan. Another good, layered look for fall.
Dress: $10.99
Cardigan: $0.00 (borrowed from Esther)
Belt: $4.99
Shoes: $5.99

My fashion photography, Esther, even got in on the belt action. I don't have info on her clothing, but I have to say, this sister is one of my major fashion advisers. She inspires me with her own outfit inventions. Check out the great buttoned cuffs on her jeans!
Love you, lil sis!

In further news - I must shout this, because it's just too exciting - MY OLDEST BROTHER DAVIEY IS ENGAGED. He proposed about two hours ago and his amazing now-fiancee Abbie is wearing his beautiful ring! I'm so excited for you two! Love you both lots!


Listening to Janet Devlin - Your Song (Her singing is like... musical gold. I must have listened to it over 50 times already.)


  1. woot to your brother...and way to go sis getting in on the action...i like the third the best i is simple, hearkens to an earlier age while staying trendy...

  2. love the Belts! and here's a gift for you dear.


    I have sent on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! I love your blog and follow all your posts. Here is the link to my post: with the information about the Versatile Blogger Award, should you decide to pass it on.

    Thanks for your blog, it really blesses me!!


  3. Loving Esthers outfit! And I'm a big fan of thrift stores.

  4. Forget anything I said in that store... I'm a terrible fashion consultant.

  5. Hey Ruthiey! THANKS for posting the news about David!! I read it here first just today (can you believe that?). I guess the news never trickled down to the youngest Auntie. Please pass along my CONGRATULATIONS to David and his fiancee Abbie.
    P.S. L and K and I are so blessed by your blog.

  6. David's engaged! Holy crap, everyone's getting old. O_o Congratulations to him! That's super mega ultra uber awesome. And wonderful. =P

    Your first outfit is absolutely gorgeous slightly every-day quality, the second makes you look like a sophisticated horse rider, the third makes you look like some gal from the olden days (don't ask me what years, 'cause I always get it wrong =P), and I love Esther's pants.

    I've wanted a wide black belt for a while now. And yours looks absolutely fantastic on you, I must say.