Friday, February 4, 2011

The Aching Side Of Joy

There's been lots of happy news in this corner of the world; the excitement and hope of a new relationship in my friend group and another friend getting married tonight. I feel a little removed from it all, though. I know, behind the joy and celebration, there's an aching side, a group of people with unfulfilled hopes and disappointed dreams, one that stays quiet to preserve the joy, unbroken, but in the silence, oh you hear their hearts breaking.

Tonight, I feel close to the broken-hearted and while rejoicing, I feel the pain. Yet hope is here. A hope alive only because of the aliveness of the One we hope in.


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  1. I'm pretty much on the same side. I always was tender hearted, but I think I'm even moreso now. And, maybe, I'm learning how to deal with it without cutting myself off, or getting so involved that I get depressed whenever one of my friends is depressed. Almost. Starting to. Still don't have it down...

    But, yeah. I've also become interested in how people reply to the question 'how are you?' If people say they're fabulous, they really are good. If they say 'good' they're all right. If they say 'pretty good' they could either be sort of all right, or bad. 'All right' means awful. And 'fine' can mean pretty much anything between the scale of 'sort of good' to 'absolutely awful.'

    It's really sad how people always have to (or feel like they have to) hide when they feel bad. I would probably say most people are in pain, and it's very rare for someone to really be happy. It's sad, but it's probably true.

    Anyways. ^_^