Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making Fireworks

Sometimes, life is overwhelming, relentless and all about us. We get so wrapped up in our own pain and the demands of our lives that we completely lose the big picture of God and his kingdom. We cast our thoughts to God, not really believing he hears and not seeing him in our situations. We bottle up, fold up and try to solve issues with nothing more than the sheer force of our brain power. We wonder why God doesn't change things.

I was reading John. Two men following John heard him call Jesus the Lamb of God. That title and John's obvious devotion sparked their interest. They start to follow Jesus. He turns and says to them, "What are you seeking?" They ask, "Rabbi, where are you staying?" Then he says something so profound. "Come and you will see."

Come and you will see.

Do you think God is not showing us his heart because we are not seeking it? If the disciples had not come with him, they would've missed out on being part of the greatest venture on earth. We can watch God's work from afar, like watching a show of fireworks while sitting on the grass. Or we run out and ask him to let us help make fireworks.

When we step out, offering ourselves for his work and asking to be part of his mind-dazzling plan, we will experience his faithfulness, see his fresh fingerprints on our minds and feel the iron-clad security of his love for us in our insecurity. That is beautiful; that is coming to him.

I wrote this post because of a conversation with a dear friend of mine in an attempt to encourage and challenge her. I hope this encourages you as well to stand away from all the flurries of life and to come to God. Sacrifice something you know is holding you back. Deliberately take an extra fifteen minutes to pray. Serve someone even when you feel depleted and empty. Come. Show him you're seeking his heart. And oh, you will see. You will know.


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  1. oh ruthiey... i'm wiping away tears. this: Do you think God is not showing us his heart because we are not seeking it?

    how i want to see him--and this only made me realize how much. what a beautiful reminder. please don't stop writing. you do it so well.