Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes Jello

My heart is slipping around - once one way and then another - in the space of about five days. I feel like someone whose jello escaped the mold. I chase it down the counter and then it falls on the floor. I get it back on the counter and it falls into the sink.

Botherment. This could take awhile. I've never felt just how vulnerable I am and... something tells me it won't get easier as I get older. I might feel pressure to get married and avoid being an old maid. :o

I also wanted to say that vulnerability is NOT A BAD THING. I've never been a super vulnerable person, but lately I've been being deliberate about it, especially with my christian girlfriends. It is so freeing. Knowing that someone knows everything about you and still loves you is such a blessed thing! Plus, you can have more fun. ^_^

Well, I should go. I have a really busy and stressful couple of weeks coming up and oh! Some really exciting news! I'm seeing Bebo Norman live in concert! So stoked! I wonder if I'll be brave enough to go meet him... I doubt it. XD

I'm going to go on my Sunday walk, sans Jak. =[ But here's a post by her that I absolutely love! Thank God for the internet so my brother and sister didn't completely fall off the face of the earth.

With love and chocolates,
I remain your one and only,


Listening to Taylor Swift - Crazier


  1. You know, I heard the word "vulnerable" so much when I was on my missions trip with Campus Crusade last summer, I thought I was going to scream if I heard it again. But it is good to let other people into your thoughts. You do stupid things if you don't ever think to ask for counsel. :P

  2. ooh, I love the song Crazier by Taylor Swift!
    chocolates are good :D
    i really like this post.....
    wow, three very random things all in a row, wow...