Saturday, January 9, 2010

Recap of My Long Day

Courtney and I at about 3:20 this morning.
Mr. Mitch.
Over the course of the night, we prayed for basically everyone who works at our church and everything that happens - here we were praying for missions and that's Brad, our missions pastor.
Stevie was in the kitchen, bribing us with treats so we'd stay awake.
I took the little lemon one, but I do not recommend eating when staying up all night. I gave myself a dreadful stomach upset. =P
Worship was amazing - Mighty to Save is the song up on the screen just now.
Just before five o'clock, Pastor John gave a communion meditation and we took communion. He said this, "Every year we spend a night in prayer to tell God how helpless we are. Our offering is our numbness because emotions need energy."
Funny side note - one of the people said they were excited to see young people there at our largest gathering yet for the all night of prayer and then this young guy goes, "Well, as a young person, I'm excited to see older people here."

Once we got home, I took a twenty minute nap, then headed out into this. As I stepped out the door, I smelled fruity gummi bears. I imagine my lack of sleep caused these hallucinations, but at least they were pleasant ones.
Not many of you know this, but occasionally when the morning is cold and it's a fearsome time to be awake, I turned into a penquinesque, blue-bearded, yak-like yeti.

The yeti enjoyed the walk. The sun glowed on the horizon.
After awhile, the yeti grew skeptical of her beard.
Enjoy this view of my store from atop the highest snow pile in the parking lot.
Then, of course, the yeti took a ferocious leap off the pile! A shot of adrenaline is just the way to start a long day. So, then I worked and came home and now I'm going to bed.


Listening to Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

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  1. I still can't believe you went to work after the all night of prayer. you rock!