Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hannah Montana vs. New Moon

Just watched Hannah Montana the Movie. I actually liked it. Somehow Miley is much better in a full-length feature, as opposed to a half hour tv show. Travis is really cute, too. Perfectly cast.

New Moon is... how do we say this, an acquired taste? I can't believe they're changing directors for every movie.

I had a really quiet day today, trying to get better from my cold. I tend to keep going and going unless I'm really sick and then I stay sick and it drags me down. So, I had lots of tea today - Wild Bavarian Berry and Thai Sweet Coconut - and it was yummy.

So. New Blog format. Tell me about it. I wish I could put a picture up again, but I was getting so sick of the black background. I'll probably just go back to the same format as before but just in white. I'll keep ya posted.

Butterfly, fly away.

Listening to Jimmy Wayne - I Love You This Much


  1. Tea's really good when you're sick. glad you're feeling better.

  2. i like this format even better! =D
    and i think i'll stay away from both those movies. =D
    hope you're doing good!

  3. we're dancing to a song by Hannah Montana...she's not so bad. :P