Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Lights

So. Black Friday at my store. I brought my camera and it was busy. This is at 6:47am.

I'm having an interesting life. Feels precarious, like I'm walking along the edge of something I can't handle. For instance, a cliff. Or the deep end of a pool.

And I have this thing. I can't talk about it and it's almost literally weighing me down. I can't figure out where it begins and I end and how on earth to make it stop stressing my shoulders. I just can't figure it out... did you ever wish that God would put a special verse in the Bible that told you exactly what to do? ALL the time.

The parents are gone tonight, to a bible study dinner.
It's quiet in the house.

I've been hating how the formatting of my blog is working out. It's just ick. Seriously? Is it for real so bad?

I realize that I have gained the ability (or maybe I had it all along) to put on a smile and cheery attitude for work even while I'm feeling physically and emotionally. I know to credit God for his grace, but sometimes, I wonder if it's healthy.

Maybe I need a therapist.

I sure like my manager Deb. She always manages to put a real smile on my face.

I'm so tired. I'm just so tired. It's not the kind of tired that goes away with sleep, either, as far as I've experienced.

I want to wrap up this post and somehow make it into a little sensible package - something tells me that's not going to happen - this is my brain dump and my apology for not posting pretty much all week.

Cheers! Don't forget to enjoy the cheese and crackers.

Listening to Chris Rice - Untitled Hymn


  1. *hug* I dunno what your thing is, but I do know about tiredness that has nothing to do with sleep. (I also know about tiredness that does have to do with sleep. This morning, I felt like I was just a sack of bones stuffed with coffee. ^_^) careful, my dear. Keep bringing all your burdens and tears and stuff to God, and don't try to find a *person* you can dump everything on, because that doesn't work. ): You can't rely on people or things, only on God. ~: