Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Pooh Bear Diet

During our recent conversation, Pooh Bear was kind enough to give a sneak preview of his latest book, The Pooh Bear Diet, which is coming out on Hundred Acre Press late this summer.

"Eat small smackrels of the food you love. I always ate too much hunny. Now, I go help Rabbit in his garden and we share carrots after we work. Very healthy."
"Exercise is helpful, but don't be too adventurous at first. When I began, I would bounce with Roo. I started with one bounce, then gradually worked up to three. Now, I bounce with Tigger for up to a minute at a time and take daily walks with my good friend, Piglet."

"When I have a craving, I like to pretend I'm a raincloud, sometimes. Because I know that rainclouds don't eat honey, no, not a nip. I never eat with Eeyore, because when I'm depressed I tend to over-eat."

"Don't forget to forget your diet every once in awhile. Celebrate on your birthday."

He finished up with these last words.

"It's very simple, really. Mind over matter. Before you eat, you must think, think, think."
Thank you, Pooh. ^_^


  1. Aww. Pooh is so cute. *loves him* I probably should listen to him. I don't eat terribly healthily. I did eat a carrot today, though! =)

  2. See Pooh is rather brilliant tho, eating so much honey. I bet he never got strep, or even as much as a sore throat. Plus I have a soft spot for that fluffy-filled bear, as I too love honey, and have even been known to hold his name for a time in my past...tho unrelated to my nickname, I too at one point was overly ambitious in my tree climbing, resulting in a long trip downward much faster than I wanted, and landing..near a prickly bush?

  3. Ruthiey, this is so creative. It makes me smile. And Pooh really does have some remarkably good advice on dieting. I didn't know he was that sensible.

  4. I loved Pooh when I was little.. wonder what happened with that. *wanders off to find Pooh books*

  5. Wait, doesn't he eat condensed milk and honey? My sister eats condensed milk all the time... the stuff gives me a stomach-ache.

  6. Condensed milk? Blech. I think I missed that Pooh episode.

    Bears can and do eat vegetables. It might differ for stuffed bears, but you'll have to ask him for clarification.