Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Long Way Down to Earth

Today is a day for piano music and quiet celebration, like secret glasses of champagne between just two people.

Do you want to share my champagne? Today... today is beautiful.

You know those times when you can manage but you know that you're not quite relying on God?
And then there's those times, when it's all God.

I biked home under a cloud-strewn dome of sky last night. If I turned, I could see one star. Just one.

Thousands of stars make me stand in awe. But just one seems like a quiet secret between me and God - a reminder of him, his love and constancy. I can savor just one.


  1. Aw. This post makes me sad and happy. Cute. =)

  2. just curious...where do you find all of this stuff? =) good stuff!

  3. It's the musings of my mind that manage to make it all the way out into words. ^_^

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