Monday, July 4, 2011

Finish Line

Pre-race jitters. Make that full-blown freak out. It was an eight o'clock race and I left the house at six thirty. I wasn't late! I was registered. I got a t-shirt. I remember to bring everything, including my shoes.
I didn't get any pictures at the race because Veffy wasn't up to bumping along for five miles. I'll try to describe how a race feels for a complete newbie. I went and there's these freaky fit people all chilling in their shorts (eeep) and I just knew I would be coming in dead last. Like dead last. I kept repeating to myself something that Bobbi said one time. "This is my race. Not anyone else's. I just need to run my own race."

I have to say, I wish someone I knew would've come and run with me. Jak was planning to but she couldn't get off work. It's intensely lonely standing in the middle of a crowd all waiting for the start signal. Note: they didn't shoot a gun to start the race! I was so disappointed! (Not really.) I guess that's what we get for living in these peace-loving times...

So I started off and the rush of beginning made me go too fast too soon. I had to slow down and pace myself after mile one. I picked this one guy in a blue triathlon shirt and stayed near him the whole race. Thanks dude, whoever you were. You were very helpful. It was a pretty flat race most of the way. Everything gets easier once you hit mile three. I just kept trucking along, giving myself walking breaks so my calves didn't rebel.

Once I got to mile four, I didn't walk anymore. I ran all the rest of the way to the finish line and got a close-to-goal time of 52:15! My mile time was an average of 10:27 so I'm pretty happy about that. I was 74th out of 97, so I wasn't dead last. Oh yeah and did I mention I got schweaty? I'm a beast.
This is back at home. I couldn't stand to take off my race number for at least a little while. Crossing that finish line had me feeling like I was walking about three feet off the ground and very ready to burst into tears. Yeah, drama drama. What can I say? It was kinda momentous for me.

That's all. Thanks for reading! I appreciate everyone who stops by my little corner in cyberspace.


Listening to Josh Turner - As Fast As I Could


  1. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And think of how happy your heart and body are teehee!

  2. woohoo! that is awesome! and not last...smiles. seriously...way to go!

  3. Awww, I wish I could've been at the finish line to scream wildly when you won. (You won. Don't deny it. I don't care if you were 579th, you still won.) You look very hot (both definitions =P XD) in the last picture. Heh heh.

  4. yay! that is SO awesome! super impressive.
    (and that picture with you looking up at the camera is GORGEOUS! sheesh! :) )
    i listened to that josh turner song you suggested! his voice is soo low! haha. the video was adorable. i love when the little girl puts her hands on the old man and he smiles! ahhh melted my heart a bit.

    have a lovely friday!

    and i finally saw the followers tab on the bottom of the blog! i am following you now! :D