Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lift Her Head

I saw a girl in worship last night. She wore a pink sweater and a black hat over her long brown hair. She cried through most of the songs, some of the sermon and couldn't seem to lift her head up. It seemed like a weight was on her and it wouldn't lift.
It touched me so deeply because I remember when I felt just that way, when every new song pricked my soul and truth was cascading over my lies, when I couldn't help but cry at my own helplessness and the almost unbelievable goodness of God.
I started praying that she would taste freedom. In the midst of my begging for God to give her joy, I remembered a quote that Jessica posted.
"If we could forget our sin then we could never testify of the goodness of God." Voddie Baucham
I would never be so thankful for where I am, if I didn't remember where I have been. Even though her discouragement made me heart ache, I realized it was a good thing. She was in the right place, staying in the truth, staying vulnerable with the One who can heal. Beth Moore says,
"If we continually offer up our broken hearts to God, he will be faithful to heal us."
I pray another prayer for you, sister in Christ.

Lift her head, Father, heal her, but never let her forget where she came from.


Listening to Leeland - Carried To The Table

342 a hat as yellow as a fluorescent marker
343 two brave brothers with flashlights who are more than willing - even excited - to check for mice under my bed
344 the deep, deep love of Jesus
345 my resident reminding me to come and pray for her
346 polka dot socks
347 going to bed early, resting my tired back and having a heart alive with thanksgiving
348 feeling the weight of the glorious words of Jesus while reading them aloud
349 Janette ikz's poem I Will Wait For You
350 times and seasons in my life being perfectly planned
351 hugging my mummy
352 plans and schemes of a dreaming nature


  1. smiles. i am glad you saw her and can join her in prayer,,,it can be a tough place...

  2. You know it just makes me smile reading your site. Another LOVE site. Smiles all around. Just thought I’d share :)

    And your words – heart them. He saves our tears. No? And by the way “351 hugging my mummy” – you will never get too old for that.

    Thank you for this. God bless and keep you Ruthiey