Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreaming Of A Wedding

I had this awful dream that I was getting married. I hated my dress, I had on last night's mascara and I didn't know who I was getting married to. Jak, the only family member at my wedding, took me away into the corner and listened to me crying about my dress. I didn't mind the idea of getting married, in fact, I was excited to be getting married, but I hated my dress. It was an sheeny ivory silk, with no poof to it. Think like the dress that Sandra Bullock wore in The Proposal. It was stained too. I remember thinking, serves me right for not helping with the wedding planning.

It was this awful trapped feeling of having to carry out something of monumental importance that you should've prepared for, but hadn't. Finally, I decided I didn't want to cancel the whole wedding since all the guests were already there, so I went back to sit down with the wedding party, waiting for the ceremony to start. I kept peeking down the row, trying to decide who I was going to marry - the cute guy with the receding hairline or the sober dark-haired man? I couldn't decide and there was no way to know.

Then, abruptly, I was walking out of church to the reception which was down by a one room schoolhouse and a sandpit. Although I'd apparently just gotten married, I still didn't know who my groom was. After greeting a few guests, I started wandering, hoping he'd recognize me as his bride and claim me. I saw Alyssa's family (some of the few guests I recognized and I don't even know them) but I never found out who I was married to.

This was just a dream. I won't wax too metaphorical on you, but it got me thinking. Would what I felt about being unprepared for my wedding, would be how I feel if I'm unprepared for Jesus's return? And do I know Jesus well enough to recognize him when I see him? I mean his heart and his passions, his loves and hatreds. I want to know my King and I want to be ready when he gets back.


157 fridges full of food
158 family birthday parties
159 taking crazy pictures
160 telling someone something hard because you love them
161 mini oreos
162 having an amazing earthly father
163 having an almighty heavenly father
164 being myself
165 wrinkly clean sheets
166 Beth Moore's book Believing God
167 trusting God with unanswered questions

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  1. I think I had a dream like that once, too. I don't remember it, though. I usually don't remember dreams that well, unless they're really bad or really amazing.

    I've been having a *lot* of dreams lately. It's a little disturbing. ^_^