Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back On The Thankful Train

Remember when I said I was going to list 1000 blessings that I have in my life? Well, the ten a day counting didn't work so well, but I'm back on track, moving a little slower this time. I'm determined to keep posting. Being deliberate about thanking God makes for a much happier Ruthiey. ^_^ I have a big collection of ones that I've gathered over the past months, but I'm posting fifteen right now and I'll put little blurbs of ten or so after my coming posts.

My friend Tessa just asked me to be guestbook attendant at her wedding. I'm so excited! Hope you're having a fabulous day!


Listening to Enrique Iglesias - Amigo Vulnerable

131 fast and furious card games
132 waiting
133 coconut bonbons
134 Joseph being home
135 the song Evenstar
136 long snowy walks with frosty hair and chilly noses
137 christmas carol remakes
138 chocolate in general
139 my mug which survived a semi crash (I wasn't driving the semi :P)
140 indie boys with neckkerchiefs
142 notes from Oma
143 having my own laptop
144 christmas music at work
145 good communication with my bosses

1 comment:

  1. Hurrah for thankfulness! =) Good for you. You can totally do it.