Sunday, December 5, 2010


Stephen and I discovered my webcam. Suffice it to say that Diamonds was the watch-word of the day.

Then I couldn't figure out how to save pictures from the webcam files to my regular computer so I can't post this fabulous picture we took here. I would if I could.

Stephen's so disappointed he's going to bed.. after he pounds Hannah! That's what he said, at least. She's playing his guitar without his permission. It's kinda a federal offense.

What can I tell you about? I'll tell you about my friend. I call her JD, which is short for Johnny Depp. She's a very studious and brilliant person. She likes to think before she speaks and in fact, sometimes she thinks without speaking at all. She will soon be a widely known author, as soon as she's edited her trilogy enough to submit it for publishing. She writes me letters and I save them so I can sell her autographs for lots of money some day. Go read her blog. The end.


Listening to Corbin Bleu - Moments That Matter

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  1. Whaaaaat, no picture?! Waaa.

    Happy Ninja Day! You need to tell everyone in your family to dress like a ninja. 'Cause ninjas are awesome and dressing like one makes you like... totally awesome. Awesome. *eg*