Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuned Into Truth

My latest favorite song is one off Bebo Norman's latest album, Ocean. I like this song because it starts out just tellin' it like it is. Today is not a good day. After letting off that steam, it's possible to sit back and breathe a little and analyze it a bit. Eventually, we can work through to hearing the truth, how God is the one who gives life, how there is hope, love and sunlight and how he even works our brokenness for our good and his purpose.

Today is not a good day
Stranded in the heartache
Watching all the world race
And pass me by

Like a wave on the ocean
Comes a flood of emotion
And it can't go unspoken
No, it can't go unspoken one more time

We fall apart just to come alive
A broken heart can shatter all the lies
A brand new start and a goodbye
We fall apart just to come alive

Yeah, but this is still a good life
Standing in the sunlight
Scattering a long line
Of fear and shame
Cause underneath the surface there's a heart and a purpose
And I swear that its just worth it
Yeah, I swear that its worth it

It's not in vain

You save me
You save me
I'm alive, I'm alive
'cause You save me


Listening to Bebo Norman - We Fall Apart

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  1. <3 You are awesome. I think everyone I know is currently in the, 'I don't like my life so much right now,' phase. It's always sad to see your friends like that, because you know that they were made for something amazing, but they don't because they are themselves and they can't see it. Even though it may not be a world changing calling, they at least have the calling of encouraging their friends and... I think I need to go write a blog post. ^_^_^_^_^_^ Okay. XD

    Thanks for reminding me of that idea and inspiring me. I love you. Good post. =) You are amazing. Even if you may not believe it deep inside, it's true.