Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Lunch

Okay, so I went out with Mary for my (late) birthday lunch.
We went to this darling place called Tucci Benucci. Doesn't that name just make you smile?
Me - the lighting was rather bad for taking pictures with only a camera phone. =P
I started with some delightful mint tea with honey.
Some pretty bread (tasted good, too) with oil, vinaigrette and garlic, I think, for dipping.
The best ever chopped salad! It had noodles, bacon, chicken, tomatoes, red cabbage, blue cheese and black pepper. The lettuce was perfectly chilled with just the right amount of dressing.
We both got the salad and Mary told me to save room for dessert. Glad I did!
Pears poached in marsala, mascarpone (Italian cheese) mixed with pear sauce, cinnamon and walnuts, whipped cream and a square of pastry at the bottom. Love it!
Look, it's KEN! This is my Jesse McCartney tribute of the month. They sort of look alike, don't they? ^_^-

Oh Mary also gave me this fantastic present-bag full of make-up! I'm essentially set for life and so excited to mess with it all, especially as I'm leaving on Thursday for a drastic and faraway place(where I may or may not have plenty of downtime)! Yes, friends. Freak out for me. I'm going to see my grandparents in Canada and I'm flying for the very first time, solo!



Listening to Selena Gomez - Naturally
You are the thunder and I am the lightning... Love her hair!

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  1. are you going to frighten us all with your new wealth of makeup when you arrive? :) jk - i'm sure you'll apply it tastefully. can't wait to see you and i'll be praying for you the day you fly!