Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dub-Dub-Dubstep Dublin

While we were in Cork, Jak was getting tired of our less-seasoned backpacking food, as was I. Rice soup anyone? So we went to get Indian food. I think it was a combination of us anticipating it for about two days, a healthy appetite and there being cheese and garlic INSIDE of the hot crispy naan bread.

Yeah, just let that sink in for a minute. Delish. I can't remember the name of the beef dish I got, but the best way I can describe it is your cool but strange Uncle Wesley's version of tomato soup, a little spicy, a little sweet, creamy with coconut milk and with chunks of beef. So goooood!

A luminous church at twilight,

glowing from the inside. So magical.

A beautiful clock, that unfortunately told the wrong time.

These daffodil pictures are for you, Mum! 

Dublin Castle!

My attempt to be impressed while freezing. Pink nose alert! This silly rabbit needs to learn to take her jacket along on city tours.

Dame's Street in Dublin. 

Did you know why the shamrock is important to the Irish? When St. Patrick came to teach the Irish about God, he did it mainly by teaching. In order to help them understand the Trinity, he took the shamrock. "See, three leaves on one stem. That's like God. Three persons in one God."

Perhaps, an imperfect analogy, but none is perfect and I was interested to learn that.

Look, it's my Irish twin! Some people have been mistaking us for twins. We were speaking with an Irish woman and she explained that the phrase "irish twin" probably comes from the fact that the Irish are known to be a little daft. HA.

Excellent Darth Vader graffiti. 

And a sentimental one. All together now.... AWWW.

Jak gave us a photographical challenge: pictures of people displaying emotion. I had fun practicing my subtle picture-taking skills. This girl is looking down with love and pride  

at her tiny excitable dog. He was barking at a horse-drawn carriage going past.

We also took pictures of people who like each other a lot. These guys obviously do, since they allowed each other to wear the same hat.

The guy in plaid is one of the guys from the church we visited witnessing during their outreach event on Easter Sunday. Cool, no?

A moody picture of Temple Bar street.

Over there! 

Thanks for reading, everybody! I have some special posts planned for later, so look forward to it!


  1. Yaaaaaaaay! Pictures. :) I hope your adventure continuing is awesome!

  2. Wonderful Ruthiey! Just wonderful - I am having a ball reading yours and Hannah's posts...and I am looking very forward to reading more. You girls are so sweet - your Mama must be proud of you... I know I am.
    Auntie Connie

  3. Enjoying. That about shamrocks is interesting and refreshing. I was thinking it might be something other-religious.

    You know, last night I had a dream that I was in London. Not that I know anything of London. I'm pretty sure it's your fault, steeping me in this stuff here. It sadly didn't include weird and wacky accents.