Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm Going On An Adventure!

Hi all! This includes any faithful readers who have stuck around and all the friends and family who want to stay updated on the coming segment of my life. 

And what does this upcoming segment hold? Remember this post? My dreams of travel and adventure are coming true.

 My excellent sister Jak and I are going on a roving European adventure and what's more, we are leaving in three days! March fifth we both fly out to land eventually in Dublin, Ireland. From there, we plan to tour some  of the UK, Germany, a titch of Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

I will blog when I can so I can share some sights and the wonderful things I learn about God through the varied places he's made. 


  1. oh that sounds fun...i am a bit jealous honestly...i would love to tour europe....

    1. Hey Brian! Good to see you! Ty for the comment :) yeah I'm pretty psyched

  2. Have a great time, Ruthiey!

    Vicki's Mom