Thursday, March 7, 2013

Further City Adventures

Jak should know better than to leave her little bag of Runts next to me on the couch. She should know I can't resist candy that's sitting right next to me. I'll punish myself by eating the purple and green ones. But she's so nice, maybe I'll get away with it.

Yeah now she's sitting beside me and I'm still eating them. RESULT.

We walked along the Liffey River front in the almost ever present Dublin rain. So glad we brought decent rain jackets!

Jak looking excellent.

Random swans in the river

My ohwhoaI'minDUBLIN face. 

Christ Church

There's a bit of The Temple Bar.

Jak carrying our dinner, fruit and veg, plus bread and cheese.

We're having fun so far, although the sun hasn't come out at all yet.


  1. ah so fun....glad you are showing a bit of the perspective on the christ church shot...and temple bar....more more...

  2. Hi Ruthiey! SO excited to read your post... I'm not in the habit of checking since you didn't post for so long, so this is really wonderful. I LOVE your pictures.. they are so interesting (the one of the lock!). And Hannah looks so cute with her blonde hair (tell her!). So excited for your coming adventures... why did you guys go separate? Was Hannah somewhere else? I don't know the details. Keep on postin' - I'm lovin' it!!
    Auntie Connie xoxoxo

    1. We flew separately because we bought our tickets at different times and the flights weren't available. It was fun to have our own little adventures before we formed a team :)

  3. We may have the sun, but you have Ireland! You got the better end of the deal!

  4. Love the photos Auntie Ruthiey! May God bless these incredible adventures!

  5. Love it, thanks for the pictures!

  6. ooh, I love the last two photos. especially the blue door.

  7. Yay pictures! :DDD I'm happy you've been doing this! I like seeing little bits of your adventure. :)