Monday, April 23, 2012

Post-School Social Network

I spend a lot of time at work these days. (I know this looks like a house and it actually is - but it's not my home-house- it's my work house.) I guess in some ways I feel like I've become irrelevant because I'm no longer a student. Now this introvert with social needs has to create her own social network because the school structured one is gone.

People are hugely important to me, but too much interaction exhaust me. The effort of meeting people and maintaining relationships sometimes seems like too much, but I always regret it when I don't. But sometimes I feel like I have to choose between my sanity and my social life.

Any tips on how to survive a busy life and also have friends?

Happy Monday, y'all. God bless.


Watching Blimey Cow - Oh No, I'm Single! I'm Going To Die!

(Since I haven't posted on my 1000 gifts list in forever and ever, I'll begin again now.)

724 a collection of hymns
725 riding to church in the backseat with my little sisters
726 the way Esther's smile lights up the room
727 cinnamon gum
728 active cultures, both of them
729 watching my brothers overcome obstacles
730 a two-year-old's fearlessness
731 sunwarmed hair
732 efficient airline employees
733 perfectly spicy and hot Thai food
734 birthday dinner and discussion with Josa and Jak
735 the Wedding's The Sound, The Steel EP


  1. be intentional...otherwise balance never happens...and know your limits...set aside certain days to def be social...and enjoy yourself...

    1. Thanks, Brian. I'm getting fewer shifts at work, so I'll try to fit social days in. :) God bless!

  2. Hmmm...I struggle with same thing. I'm super busy and an introvert, but I do need to be social. Quite a quandary. Let me know if you find a good solution! :)