Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting Leaves

So our dear Abbie came to visit, soon to be our very own scrumptious sister-in-law! Only fifteen days. :)

We went for a walk, to celebrate joy and fall and life and health.

I'm going to miss seeing the ground during the winter. And seeing Daviey every week.... :(

Little leaves don't leave just yet. Stay with me until I'm ready to face the winter.

Five of my favorite people - Daviey, Abbie, Mummy, Babs and Esther.

I wrote a poem this morning.

truth is costly
but lies cost so much more
they bite, scramble, fray you all about
they blacken, bruise and lessen
lies can seem costly, comforting, alluring
but truth is worth so much more
treasure it like diamonds
wear truth all over your heart
so lies, costly lies, have no inlet

Happy Almost-Saturday, friends!


Listening to House Of Heroes - Salt In The Sea (been chain-listening to this song allll afternoon)
I'm here until you crash into me
I'm softened by the salt in the sea
I'm alive


  1. leaves dont leave me yet...nice...i feel you in will move faster and faster i tell you...

    nice poem too...lies really arent worth it...even if the truth hurts...nice bit of word play in there...

  2. Ruthiey, your poem. Ahh. Like medicine to the soul... it's interesting how lies wrap us up like little mummies. we become unable to move. but truth? truth is like diamonds, rubies, and infinitely worthy. truth shines, reflects.

    Also, congrats on your growing family!!!

  3. Yay, upcoming weddings. =)

    I'm excited for the snow... Of course, I also enjoy fall (and it never seems to last long enough), so I understand your feelings. =P

  4. Thanks for this post. I love you too and I'll miss seeing you every week as well. :'(