Monday, October 31, 2011

Type-y Type


Guest post at visionarywomen. It's a repost of the one I did about wedding dresses and modesty. :)


New black boots + gray wool coat = set for winter.


The moment that I start to rely on myself is the moment things go sour. It's not that things can't be disappointing or discouraging when I'm relying on God, but I'm protected when I know God has my best interest at heart.When I start believing the lie that I have to manage everything on my own, it seems like everything has the power to cut down my dreams and turn me into an insecure little mess. Note to self: trust in God. Always. Just do it.

Does anyone want to guest-post on my blog? If you do, email me at I'm pretty open to whatever kind of topics you might come up with.


Listening to Gungor - Please Be My Strength (my prayer as I get ready for work tomorrow... so tired, but waiting on strength from the Lord)


  1. The moment that I start to rely on myself is the moment things go sour

    i dont know why i have to keep relearning this truth...smiles.

    nice on the boots and hat.

    while i would love to write something for you...i have 2 other guest posts to write that i have yet to i got to get them done first....

  2. I definitely, definitely do the same thing. =P *squish* I always forget to trust God, but the more things go wrong, the more I realize that's God telling me to trust Him, and not me. I'm sinful, I can't trust myself.

    And I'm so proud of your guest post! That was a great post and still is. =)

  3. Same here. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I think it's better to rely on myself. But I'm workin' on it.
    So yes, that was a great guest post! *applaudes*