Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Decide

Logging into my school site this morning, I found out that my "October" semester actually began September 26th. Goodie, now I'm a week behind. Cue stress-crying, panic sweats and multiple attempts to despair. I called my heart-friend Emily and seriously just cried. She told me to climb that mountain and do some crazy work to catch up. I totally love my friends.

Another encouragement was this song. I can choose what I am going to do. I can cry and whine and give up (I've done plenty of that, lemme tell you) or I can get up, strap on my spiked mountain boots and climb.

Hey what up, schoolwork, 
You're my mountain. Because of the love that will not let me go, I'm swimming out of this ocean of panic and despair. I will climb you in the morning. It'll be hard, but you're here for a reason. You stay right there. I'll be back tomorrow.



  1. woohoo climb that mountain...you can make a week up...no sweet....

  2. Dude., oh my gosh. You have now idea how much Is ympathize here. That happened to me with economics.
    I'm gonna climb that school mountain too. Encouraging buddies, anyone?

  3. Ruthiey! Oh ne! It will be okay! You can't do it but God can do anything! <D (that is ice-cream)