Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hardest Thing I've Done All Day

Ever tried to write a purse description? Seriously, not easy. You have to try to think about what to call those loops that connect the purse strap to the purse itself. Do you know? It bent my mind in all sorts of directions. 

I spent over a half hour writing this description for this purse that I'm selling on Ebay. 

This classic handbag made of buttery brown leather with all the classic Brighton accents, including a wide stitched leather strap connected to the purse with wide oval silver loops. There is a zippered side and an open one that has a little zipper pocket and another for your cellphone. It has a leather Brighton nameplate stitched on the lovely swirly pink lining. There is a snap closure at the top and a wide band with a magnetic closure that goes over top the entire purse. The band has some faint scratches on it, that are hardly noticable. On the back of the purse, near the bottom seam, there are some slightly puckered areas, which most likely came from the purse being too near a hot surface. They are on an area of the purse that most people will never see and because of the leather texture, they do not stand out strikingly. 
This purse will make the perfect unique yourself! It is inspired quality and beauty. You will treasure this purse. 

Great way to spend a Saturday, I'm telling ya. :) After that, I went out for Thai food, with the band (Daviey, Josa, Jak and me), Daviey's fiancee Abbie and another friend. Yum. I love Thai food. 

Oh and Fashion Alert! I'm singlehandedly bringing back the Top-Knot. A little girl I was babysitting said I was like a grown-up Goldilocks, and while I appreciate that, I'll stick with Mulan, thank you very much. :D


Listening to High School Musical - Bet On It (...because sometimes, a girl just needs a little Zac Efron in her life)


  1. oh yeah you rock the top knot...smiles. thai food is the bomb! and i totally want to buy a purse now...smiles.

  2. First, I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long. From the beginning of the month, from the last post Sara wrote in August, and the subsequent posts by her friends, I could read the handwriting on the wall. I've been thinking only of her, and reading only her blog. I'm sorry. I was gone for good reason and I’m now just starting to get back to reading the blogs I heart – and I heart YOURS! And today you brought me all smiles – from the first word all the way down to your Mulan topknot. And your purse – everything about that description was pure art – between you and me – having sold a lot on eBay – you could've spent 5 min. on it - and with your mad skillz have written something much better than anyone else – not so much effort next time okay ツ anyway, thank you for the smiles, they have been rare, and God bless you Ruthiey - keep writing – keep growing.

  3. Bringing back the topknot. Awesome. =D I would help, but I'm pretty sure my hair is too short still. And I'm considering cutting it shorter... XD