Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Sister, Eat Cake

I know I'm just full of announcements lately, but I needed to share this, especially since I found out that my dear Auntie Connie keeps up with my family from my blog. I <3 all my dear amazing family in Canada!

This cake was for my dear sister Esther. She is fourteen now! Her birthday was actually on the 21st but I didn't get to post that day. Sad to say, I didn't make the cake either! It was a lovely carrot cake with cream cheese icing. 

Happy Birthday dear little sis! You are a beautiful, amazing lady and I love your heart for God!


Can I just put this as a sidenote? There's a reason people tell you not to use Q-tips in your ear. I learned the hard way. Meet my deaf left ear.

Also, I scribbled answers with pencils for two and a half hours this morning on the subject of News Writing. I'm afraid I did very poorly. I'm somewhat deviously praying that the professor who grades my test will have had a terrific morning with plenty of coffee, a lovely breakfast and be in a lenient mood. :D

Anything good happen to you lately? Or anything bad that made you grateful for the status quo? Lemme tell you, since my left ear plugged up, I haven't been this thankful for my hearing in a long time.


thankful with Ann for -

635 over easy eggs
636 blog archives
637 brothers who can unplug toilets
638 pink cheeks from fall air 
639 October
640 the sound of small dogs running through piles of crackly leaves
641 my mother's tangy artichoke salad
642 borrowed shirts
643 pink-purple-orange sunrise lighting my way
644 that my warfare is ended
645 my sins are forgiven
646 God is no longer angry with me
647 slightly salty string cheese
648 alliteration
649 learning how to spell initiative right
650 getting a huge amount of school done in a day
651 kind professors who give me grace on late assignments


  1. hehe hope your prof has a great morning as birthday to your sis...i did have some good was brutally long, a 12 hour work day but really had a break through with a mentoring group i am setting up for kids in our community...i know what the city is going to require before we open the gates on it so that is good...

  2. Hello Dear Ruthiey!! Yes, I check your blog EVERY DAY (and sometimes more). I have to thank you for the incredible photo's of David and Abbie which you posted. I really hope he'll one day bring his beautiful bride to Canada to meet the rest of the family :-)
    Keep on postin' girl! Lauren and Katie read your blog too and are also blessed by it.
    Love you - Auntie Connie

  3. Yummm, cake!

    I hope your ear unplugs... It's really annoying to have a deaf ear. >.<

    Good thing that happened to me recently is the awesome food I made on Saturday. Mmmmm, good. =D Also, that we got a bunch of tea. Yay. =)