Friday, August 19, 2011

Like A Bird Without Wings

Hi friends,

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. Dementia is such a difficult thing to watch and deal with. It's seeing a grown up woman, a venerable old lady that I want to call grandma and joke around with and make sugar cookies with and yet I have to treat her like a two-year-old sometimes, telling her to put milk in her coffee so it won't be hot and she won't burn herself. This world really is a broken place and I can't wait for Jesus to come back. When I work with people like my new resident, I keep thinking of this quote (which I cannot locate the quoter for the life of me!) but I think it's C.S. Lewis or George MacDonald. If you know, please spill. :)

The most ordinary and average person we see in our world today will someday be transformed into such a glorious creature that if we should see them on the street today, we would fall down on our faces.

That helps me keep it in perspective and know that this world, this place is a transitional period! Like we're waiting for the plane to arrive and the snow and wind is nasty out on the tarmac, but look out at the horizon. He's coming for us. <3

In other news, I was really hoping to post a fashion post for you today, highlighting a new-to-me and very versatile accessory, but that will have to be into next week. Sorry. I've been trapped inside, like a desperate little creature, typing away at my laptop in closed up rooms. No lie. My head hurts and somehow analyzing school tends to lead to lolzcatz, so there you go - my philosophical thought of the day. (^_^)

I had a hideously unproductive day on Thursday and was trying to make up for it today. I think I did. Just barely.

Does anyone else feel like their crazy-productive days make up for the ones that just slipped away? I can't decide.


Listening to Damian McGinty - A Bird Without Wings (those eyebrows! Damian!)


  1. ha. there is no way to catch up...its a myth...smiles. i like when you share on those you work with...while sad i gain the similar perspective...

  2. I feel like that pretty often. I totally understand!
    your probably wondering who I am. U don't know me, but I saw a link to your blog and started following. I love reading your blog! The title is cool.