Friday, July 8, 2011

I Blame Lolcatz

In the middle of writing a paper for my Managerial Communications online course, I find myself literally typing the word skills with a z, without thinking about it. In a sentence,

"Effective communication also encourages the direct care staff to develop their intrapersonal skillz."

Yeah absolutely, Professor S., I'm an accomplished, professional homeschool graduate. Even though I'm only nineteen, I can be just as mature and polished as all the adult learners in your class. This is just my little attempt to keep up the good name we homeschoolers have with the entire world.

What can I say?


Listening to David Cook - Come Back To Me


  1. if the teacher is cultured you should be fine...smiles. but it only has on "L"...skilz, u gots em...smiles.

  2. You most certainly do. I am so very tempted to spell skills with a Z sometimes... It just fits some situations so much better than plain old 'skills.'

  3. HA! nice. i'll have to show this one to my sister. she'll lol.

  4. ahaha oh my goodness I'm seriously laughing out loud right now. I can't even imagine a professor's reaction to reading that! so funny.