Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi folks!

I'm at my bagel shop again, drinking coffee and trying so hard to write my papers! They're like an avalanche that keeps sliding slow-mo on top of me. How unromantic would it be to die from suffocation and paper cuts? I'm taking a lil five-minute break to be frivolous, 'cause I hear it's good for the brain. My brain sure could use a break.

The coffee here is taayh-stee good. Generally, I fill my cup with mostly decaf and then add a bit of flavored stuff on top. I've had Wild Mountain Blueberry and Hazelnut Cream thus far and hmm, yummy.

My paper - oh I'm afraid I'll kill you with boredom - is about the invention of the telegraph. Yes. Truly. Don't get me wrong. The telegraph is amazing, but I also found out it was partly to blame for the rest of the mass media fiasco that's happening today. (I say fiasco because partly it's an epic word and partly because I am being drowned in social media lately. d.r.o.w.n.e.d.) So, yeah. The telegraph. Dot-dot-dash.

My five minutes are up. Lemme find a quick picture for up top and then I'll get back to writing my paper. Anyone else feel like there's too much social media?

R <3

Listening to Celtic Thunder - Come By The Hills (this song makes me feel Ireland-wistful....)


  1. Facebook being around, and Google trying to take over the world make me say yes. And cellphones. With texting. Yikes. >.<

    Hope your paper goes well. XP Don't suffocate under the slow motion avalanche, okay? I'd miss you.

  2. oh yes, we live in a world where the minutia of life is now open to the public...i know what people are wearing and i have never seen them...i know far too much about some people because they feel that just because they have a forum (microphone) to the world they should use it to tell you everything...filter please....smiles.

    good luck on the paper...