Thursday, March 10, 2011

This I Love

280 Georgia sunshine

281 this commercial - and not just 'cause my brother owns a Suburu.

282 Jesus saying, "Come unto me."

283 comments on my blog

Today, I'm counting some of my many blessings with Ann. Her blog and challenge to count her blessings has inspired many people to begin their own lists of 1000 Gifts.

I'm having a good time here in the South. My Grandma and Auntie have happily let me move in and there's a Kohls and Wal-mart within walking distance. Walking into Kohls was such a weird experience. I had all these flash-backs of when I worked there and I was simultaneously relieved not to be working there anymore and a little sad to not be part of the team. I should've just sidled up and joined in on the team meeting that was going on by the jewelry counter. That would've have creepy, right?

In further news, math is carrying on... and on... and on. It will be done soon, right? In the meanwhile, I'm making Irish Soda Bread (Happy St. Patrick's, soon!) and my fail-proof Banana Bread - we're trying to fatten my Grandma up after her stay in the hospital - and writing bits on my blog and on my novel. The end.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Listening to Leeland - Opposite Way


  1. nice grat soda bread, hmmm...going to a st patty's festival today so i will look for it....

    i have a novella length piece that i am working on. honestly i start to lose my potency when i get much over 10K words...i have a novel idea and am several K into it right now, really need to do some research though to get it right...

    what is the context of your novel?

  2. Cute picture! :D

    I know the feeling of wanting to be part of it, but being like "I'm glad I'm done!"
    Yeah. :D

  3. I think your "I'm-done-with-math" post will be the happiest thing. I possess a deep disdain for that subject.

    I'm glad you're having fun in GA!