Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life Like Boxing

No counting in this arena. Even being held down for ten seconds doesn't finalize a loss. No matter when you get up, it still counts. My opponent - that blasted Satan - wants to make me believe that once I'm down, I'm out.
That's not true.

There's an umpire running the show and he tells me to get up. There's something to be learned in this ring and I want so much to know it, in the depths of my heavily-beating heart, to have the knowledge written on my sweaty face and have victory clenched in my trembling fists. I want it so much. I need to listen to the man running the show.


Listening to The Fold - Down In Doubt And Living Without

215 people who can understand you when you don't understand yourself
216 a clean kitchen
217 when Jak's hair is wavy
218 the promise of reaping if I do not grow weary in doing well
219 being able to capture memories and feelings in a picture
220 stephen icing my cake
221 going to bed before nine
222 knowing that God gives grace the moment I need it
223 oil-free makeup remover
224 *asterisks*
225 a clear conscience
226 the amount of chocolate that comes around during Christmas time
227 my brother's homemade lasagna
228 thermolite glove insulation
229 the Dawn Treader movie

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I've been thinking about that a lot too... it's funny how no matter how much you hear the gospel or how much you think you understand it, it's easy to fall into the trap of forgetting those truths. The sweet thing is, God is right there to cover even misunderstanding the gospel w/ His grace!