Friday, January 28, 2011

The Delicious Pleasure Of Routine

"There's some fun in being out on your own and just traveling around, being free
and at the same time, there's some delicious pleasure in routine, in knowing what you're going to do, in planning, in having a cup of tea." -Jak
This is something Jak said when she got back from her adventuring. She has a new appreciation for the mundane, I think, after she'd been out in beautiful places and doing marvelous things for awhile. Reminds me of this quote, how God can and does delight in the daily reoccurrence of life.

Have a fabulous day! Be excellent to each other.


Listening to OneRepublic - Fear

146 God always keeping his promises
147 vacation
148 having no future plans
149 worshipping with hundreds of others
150 pale-white china teacups
151 Google Reader
152 a beautiful teal scarf from Emily
153 chocolate graham fish
154 my friend getting an engagement ring
155 eating chocolate cake with your fingers
156 biking on a sunny winter afternoon


  1. Good quote.

    And yay for china teacups. They're amazing.

  2. so happy i found your blog! great thoughts. i'm now a follower ;)