Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Presents and Updos

I'm so behind on posting my Christmas presents! The second day was an adorable purple scarf that I proceeded to wear for the next forty-eight hours straight - close to it. Third day was tea, which I have yet to try. Fourth day, I got fudge! Fifth, slippery-soft pink striped socks! Seriously, I'm having a blast here. Sixth day, a lovely green bracelet with little butterfly, flower and dragonfly pendants. This person knows me very well. ;) Seventh, a pair of earrings with butterflies on them. And eighth, a pair of hair clips...? I don't know how to describe them. You just stick them in. Sorry about the pictures! Just sort them out in your mind.

Esther and Babs had a formal tea they were going to this morning, so I did updos for them. ^_^ Aren't my sisters gorgeous?

Check out the all-new About Me page! Just finished that. =)


Listening to Lifehouse - If This Is Goodbye

Gratitude 61 - 130
61. feared overreactions never happening
62. laundry day
63. my youngest brother's first job interview
64. hot spiced apple cider
65. friends who text back at midnight
66. working fourteen hours
67. coupons
68. giving and having blood
69. that God gave me a work so I would walk with him
70. things to sit on
71. listening to OneRepublic while stuck in traffic
72. snow tires, salt, sand, scrapers and other similiar snow coping techniques
73 bringing my sister a snack of a buttered honey spice muffin
74. turquoise
75. dolphins
76. a quiet friday night getting ready for a weekend of work
77. riding with friends to church
78. a dead-to-the-world eight and half hour sleep
79. playing my favorite cd for my residents at work
80. chocolate icing
81. updos
82. gold communion plates being passed through the congregration
83. slip sliding around in fresh fallen snow
84. driving to church with my siblings
85. cream for winter-dry skin
86. summer-playful clouds in a wintry sky
87. goldenrod sun coming through gray-blue clouds
88. Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Chequebook Of The Bank Of Faith
89. protection from all evil
90. answering a letter I received on January 14th, 2010
91. friends faraway
92. slide out phone keyboards
93. all three sisters sprawled on my bed
94. having questions, answering questions
95. my purple track jacket
96. microwaves
97. chatting with my brother in Australia
98. waking up to a dramatic recitation of the sermon that brought Spurgeon to salvation
99. the quiet of having my own room
100. knee-high red socks
101. shoulder rubs
102. that love wins
103. waking up healthy
104. rereading great stories
105. 3M matte finish magic scotch tape
106. Martin Luther "Here I stand."
107. pastors who have preached for years and can still be brought to tears by God's word
108. rediscovering my favorite jeans
109. verse texts from friends
110. tea dates with Mrs. Carbone
111. a clean room
112. my new green bracelet
113. writing four minute speeches
114. photo collages
115. verses taped on my wall
116. my parent's marriage
117. both sets of grandparent's faithful marriages
118. the power of the sun
119. new blue, ugly but comfortable slippers
120. kisses on the nose
121. pins to fix a broken finger
122. Lord Of The Rings music
123. wedding photography
124. the car wash in my mum's home town
125. my brother vacuuming the car
126. sharing a sandwich
127. doing my little sisters' hair for a formal tea
128. my collegeplus coach
129. the guitar-shaped scratch on the wall
130. the framed picture of me and my mum

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