Friday, December 10, 2010

Gotta Have Haircut

I finally quit warbling back and forth and got my hair cut. Actually more of a trim, but if you knew how uptight I can get about my hair, you'd be proud. Jak, of course, our resident hair stylist did a fabulous job. Pictures later. I saved some of the curls if anyone wants one. Wow, Ruthiey, that's not creepy at all...

I have a busy day today. I'm not eating one meal at home. For breakfast, I went out with the sisters. I think Esther and Abby were so excited to come along with me and Jak. We had bagels. For lunch, I'm out with Mrs. C and I'll eat dinner at work.

My head hurts so I've been drinking peppermint tea like it's my job. I gave blood yesterday, so maybe I'm a bit dehydrated. Funny, I'm not so excited about giving blood as I used to be. I couldn't give double-red yesterday so maybe that helped it be a bit of a downer experience. Oh well, it was fun. I went with Anj and together we could've helped save three people's lives. =)

Do something today that you'll be proud you did five years from now.


Listening to RushJet1 - Forgotten Planet

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  1. Totally creepy, but awesome. I WANT A CURL. I get the best one. Or else you're gonna be dead. =P

    And totally cruel of you not to post pictures right now. Mean person. Hmph.

    Also, peppermint tea is awesome.