Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Recommendation - Choosing To SEE

I picked this book up every time I went into the LifeWay store. I would pick it up, page through it, skim the back cover, read a couple pages and glance at the picture inserts. I remembering being incredibly moved when I heard about what happened to the Chapmans in 2008. I really wanted to sit down in one of those purple chairs and just read it all the way through. But it was a bookstore, not a library and I always felt like I had to put the book back every time an employee walked past.

Then, recently, because of a similar tragedy in the family of some of my mom's friends, I encouraged her to buy it. After a bit, she did. She said I could read it before she sent it away to them. We had other errands to run after we bought the book, so I followed her around Target, with my nose stuck in the book. Once home, I made myself peppermint tea and sat down on our plaid couch. I didn't get up until I'd completely finished the book. About half-way through, especially once it got to talking about the accident, I was drippy with tears, hoping my sixteen-year-old brother wouldn't notice.

Mary Beth Chapman wrote about an extremely hard time in her life. I know it had to be God who gave her the strength to get through it and then to share it with others. She writes with honesty and vulnerability. Here's a link to her talking about the book. I really recommend this book, if ever you get the chance to read it.


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  1. My mom has that book! I agree, it's remarkably powerful.

  2. I should probably read that book. But I won't promise anything since, as you know, I am utterly awful at reading things (especially non-fiction ^_^_^_^). And I would probably cry my way through the whole book. ^_^ *hem*